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The following is my gallery of copyrighted fine photographic art by Leann Collins Austin Texas.  Many of these works are available on canvas or large format wall art up to 30 inches by 40 inches.  Some art is available in 60 inch formats.   All of my work are protected under the copyright law.  Even though my work is displayed on the web - I DO NOT EXPECT MY PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK TO BE STOLEN, USED OR OTHERWISE DISPLAYED WITHOUT PAYMENT.   I vigorously protect my copyrights. I will sue in federal court to protect my copyrights.   None of my works are or have been in the public domain. By placing these works (photographs & images) on this website I do not intend to grant any implied license to anyone viewing these photos to use my work for any purpose and I do not waive any rights to seek reasonable compensation, statutory fines, and attorneys fees for the use of my works, photographs, or digital images  I specifically DO NOT give any implied license for anyone to use my works without payment.  I specifically forbid search engines from displaying icons, thumbnails, samples, and or full size versions of my work.   Any use of my work, on a search engine, website or as part of a derivative work requires payment of a license fee.  My minimum license fee for a thumbnail sized work is $1,000.00 and my minimum license fee for any larger display (greater than one inch by one inch) is $2,500.00.   If you use both a thumbnail and larger size work (click through), the minimum charge is $4,000.00.  This is for one time use.  For websites with paid memberships in excess of 1000 members or that have over 100,000 hits per month these license fees are increased by 75%.   Framing my image on your website or search engine, caching my image on your server for any fraction of a second, showing an icon that clicks through to my website is all considered displaying and subject to my minimum license fee.  There is no pro-rata use based upon the number of days, hours, minutes, seconds or parts of seconds my image is visible on any website or search engine.  We do have license agreements for periods up to 1 year, and you will need to contact us to discuss the surcharge.  I have the right to approve any use of my images on any website displaying my works.  My photographic work cannot be displayed on any website showing obscene or objectionable material, if my works are found on a website featuring objectionable material, there is a 100% of the base license fee charge, in addition to the base license, and applicable surcharges,  for defamation of my work.  If you use my works on a website or search engine that has any adult, obscene, or objectionable material you agree that such defamation has occurred.  The use of my name as part of the display of an image is infringing on my personal mark separate an apart from use of my photographic work.  My URL is also my  personal mark, trade dressing, and common law trademark,  and  I charge $500.00 for each use of my name or URL either on the face of an image and/or file name, or linking to my website.  Each unapproved use of my file name or personal mark is a separate $500.00 charge, no matter how many times it appears on your website, search engine or publication (digital or otherwise).  Display of my work, personal mark, name or URL requires WRITTEN PERMISSION, no exceptions.  If you do not have a written license from me with my original signature in addition to a copy of a bank cancelled cashiers check for payment of my license fee then you are simply not entitled to display my work for ANY reason, including search engines, newsgroups, websites, not for profit display, or any other display - period.  This website is primarily for personal viewing by individuals wishing to purchase or license my work to decorate their homes or offices with original photographic art, or by individuals wishing to display my work in galleries.  My work is exclusive.  The value of my work is diminished by display on any search engine, photographic archive, newsgroup or otherwise.  This is why I vigorously enforce my copyrights.  I DO NOT send out cease and desist warnings.  In my experience no one on the internet respects copyrights, and no one will quit infringing unless they are sued so I will not waste the time sending written warnings.  The unlicensed use of my work will result in you being sued. For those purchasing my work please rest assured that I will do the utmost to protect your investment in my works through defending my copyrights.